Tired of losing parking tickets? This app could be the answer to your problems

127 days ago

Could this mobile application be the solution to your parking ticket woes?

Admyt is the name of the app which has turned trips to the shopping mall into a ticketless, cashless and hassle-free experience.

Once app users register their payment and vehicle details, they can automatically pay for parking at a list of partnering malls.

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Admyt COO Devon Beynon, explains that hardware is installed on the shopping mall’s parking booms.

The technology reads a vehicle’s number plate and automatically charges the fee to the user's credit card using the
recognition system.

Beynon says 14 shopping centres in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town are connected to Admyt.

There are plans to expand the app's footprint in 2019, along with some special deals.

We'll never charge more than the shopping centre, but very often we have promos, deals and partnership with retailers to give discounted parking or free credit.

Devon Beynon, Admyt COO

Customers can sign up via the app on Google Play and Apples' app store or www.admyt.com.

Listen here to find out more about the ticketless parking service:

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