Grab your tissues... Christmas Wish with Tebogo and Greg & Lucky

91 days ago

Life happens, and sometimes circumstances beyond your control knock you down. 947 wants to help you get back up and level up.

947 Xmas Wish is back, and for 6 incredible days Greg & Lucky will touch the lives of people across Joburg by giving them a boost, a break, and a big reason to smile. After all, one big break is all it takes to make life worth loving.

Listen to the Greg & Lucky Show every afternoon, from 10 to 21 December, to hear heartwarming stories from ordinary people facing all kinds of extraordinary challenges; and to see what we do to make their 2018 end on a high note.

Here's the story of Tebogo... Kerstin’s wish is for Tebogo’s car to be serviced, repaired, and restored to its former

Tebogo is a receptionist at a legal firm in Bryanston. She’s a single mother to 8-year-old twins and a 16-year-old. Tebogo dedicates every cent she earns to providing for her kids, and putting them through school – with the help of her mother, Ava. With an endless list of things needed to make sure the children well taken care of, Tebogo all too often finds herself with no money left to tend to her 2005 Toyota Tazz. The car is the family’s only means of transport and is in a terrible condition. Tebogo and her mother have often found themselves all alone on the side of the road because of their unreliable ride.

Here’s an idea of just some of the things that are wrong with Tebogo’s car:

  • It desperately needs to be serviced

  • The windows are always either stuck open…or closed.

  • One front light doesn’t work

  • The indicators are broken

  • The front bumper is barely hanging on

Listen to the special moment that happened on the show...

Thank you so much to Greg & Lucky and our friends over at DMB Data for making this amazing wish come true. What a special way to give back this Christmas. Tebogo will be driving around in a safer vehicle with her family.

DMB Data is a telecommunications service provider in Sandton. You can find out more about them.

You can listen to and read all about every #947ChristmasWish that Greg & Lucky has done.



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