Detox after a hectic festive season

164 days ago

It is that time of the year when most people feel guilty about their state of health and wellness following the heavy indulgence in a variety of dishes, which some were unhealthy. This also includes a variety of heavy alcohol consumption.

Most people believe that their heavy indulgence over the festive season have left their bodies full of toxins, which if not removed, will have a negative impact on the body.

Speaking to Ray White on the Breakfast Show, Dr Fundile Nyathi said people should not panic about detoxing, the body does its own detoxing through the livers, kidneys, skin and other important organs in the body.

When you decide to detox, you need to do it in a way which is not going to put your health in danger. The starting point is to drink a lot of water, starting by drinking 2 liters a day. No fizzy drinks or other forms of cool drinks.

Dr Fundile Nyathi - CEO of Proactive Health Solutions

Nyathi said, the idea of colon hydrotherapy is normally done to clear the large intestines, usually before a major medical operation, but there are no proven scientific facts that it may benefit the body in anyway. Rather there are risks that the body might lose nutrients and one might get dehydrated.

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