[LISTEN] Joburgers set their goals for 2019

223 days ago

The stage is set and the 2019 goals have been announced. It's that time of the year when we all visit what we'd like to achieve in 2019.

The Greg & lucky team chatted about their goals and Joburg chipped in and shared them with us.

Lucky took a giant leap and has now set his sights on something interesting.

My goal is to run a marathon.

Lucky, Greg & Lucky

Greg & Lucky's producer, Lebz, has set her sights on learning how to swim.

Here's what Joburgers are aiming to do this year.

My goal is to lose 20kgs so that I can get breast enlargement surgery.

Jade, Greg & Lucky caller

My big goal is to learn French this year. I work in a lot of French-speaking nations in Africa and the language barrier is becoming a bit tricky. In order to improve business relations, I've decided to learn how to speak the language.

Neil, Greg & Lucky caller

Wll Lucky run that marathon? We'll follow the story throughout the year.

Goal setting is a great way to set your mind to a particular set of things that you would like to achieve. When you write things down you're more likely to follow through with them. Writing them down also allows you to track your progress.

Here's some advice on how to successfully set your goals.

You can also use some apps to help you track your goals.

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