Here's why 4DX is the hottest new way to experience movie night

382 days ago

The #947Crew's Sibo and Zanele

This is a different, out-of-this-world indoor Joburg Gem that the #947Crew decided to try out; an experience which showcases a huge difference when you're watching a movie. We visited the 4DX cinema at Emperor’s Palace for an experience of a lifetime.

4DX is the next step in the movie-going evolution. On-screen action is brought to life and every movement is felt. You'll get to experience chairs that move, water spraying on your face, wind blowing through your hair, lightning above your head, fog and smells that complete the full 4DX experience.

The seats actually move up and down, left to right and one of the highlights is definitely the wind element because you can literally feel the breeze throughout the whole cinema.

What’s even more exciting is that the whole experience is very affordable and can be shared with your family and friends.

More 4DX cinemas have been introduced to in more than one shopping mall in Joburg, making it easily accessible to more people to enjoy.

4DX is definitely something you have to experience.

It’s not something that suits for every movie, but every now again, it will make for a fun day out. This is the best, new way to watch a movie and to actually be a part of it; experiencing every bit of the action.

Listen to the Toyota SA #947Crew chatting to Ayanda about the new hot spot...

4DX Cinemas can be found at:

· Nu Metro – Emperors Palace

· Nu Metro- Hyde Park Corner

· Nu Metro- Bedford

· Nu Metro- Clearwater Mall

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