Using the internet to self-medicate

73 days ago

With the information that the digital age provides us with, people can access information in just one click away including on-line health advisory sites - the so called "Dr Google", all at a few clicks of the mouse, in the comfort of our homes or workplaces.

As a result of the easy of the access to information, many have been empowered a great deal, especially if the sources of information is credible, as many other sites deliberately paddle information that may not be credible, which may be difficult for a lay person outside a particular professional field to discern.

Speaking to Phemelo Motene on the Weekend Breakfast, Dr Fundile Nyathi - CEO of Proactive Health Solutions said, the Cyberchondria or Compu Chondrias is is a new clinical condition, where one is unduly worried when they suffer from common symptoms, but when they consult 'Google' and get all the information, they get very anxious and they start to believe that it is a life threatening illness.

The result of the excessive anxiety, one spends hours on the internet trying to get more information. The more they read, the more they become more anxious. At time they often go and see doctors, and when the doctor does not confirm what they believe, they distrust the doctor and go to the next one, hoping to get different information. The truth is that, they dont have anything close to what they believe they have.

Dr Fundile Nyathi - CEO of Proactive Health Solutions

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This article first appeared on 702 : Using the internet to self-medicate



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