[WATCH] #947SchoolInvasion at Gibson Pillay Learning Academy

344 days ago

The 947 Breakfast Club School Invasion is back, and this year it is going to be bigger and better.

We are looking for the best schools in Joburg. Whether your school is the north, east, west or south of Joburg โ€“ 947 loves you. This is why we want to visit you and share THE love during the month of February.

We kicked off the tour in Lenasia. You can view the full album here.

[MORE] 947 Breakfast Club announces #947SchoolInvasion Schools


[MORE] 947 Breakfast Club announces #947SchoolInvasion Schools

Thank you so much tp GPLA for having us, spoiling us and most of all... for the unbelievably incredible work that you do! We are so inspired by you and we're so grateful for the opportunity that we had.

We can't wait to see you again.

To find out more information about GPLA, click here.


The school is proud of its academic standards and is currently lauded by the Department of Education as being one of the best independent schools in the Johannesburg area. The school continues to go from strength to strength in both performance and popularity. However, a strict admissions policy is in place with limited space from Grades R to 12.

Our motto is that "Education is Wealth" and it is, therefore, our vision to be a school that offers top quality basic education and to prepare learners through effective action plans, systems, policies, procedures, practices, and parental involvement to reach their full potential, and to adequately prepare them for their tertiary education and life beyond our school.

Not only do the pupils receive excellent tuition from a dedicated Staff during school hours, but all interests and needs are also catered for after hours. There is a Homework Centre where homework is supervised.

The progress of learners is monitored and supported very closely by the School Based Support Team (SBST). Homework and portfolio work are set daily and parents are kept fully informed by detailed reports of learner progress and achievement. Parents meetings occur four times a year.

We believe in giving as much individual attention as possible because each learner is special. Learners have different abilities, personalities, and individual needs. Because we are a relatively small school, we are able to get to know our children well and we know how to motivate them individually to make the most of their time at school. Parents are able to leave their children in the capable hands of a school that caters for the child at all levels.

The staff of GPLA is committed to excellent results ensuring that extra intervention classes are held at all relevant times and are available at all times for learners requiring special attention.

The school is managed by a School Management Team (SMT) comprising the Principal, Deputy Principal, and several Education Specialists.

We place a large emphasis on self-discipline, which is encouraged as a means of achieving the best possible results. Learners are able to learn effectively and receive recognition for their achievements. Uniform is smart and strictly enforced. To this end, GPLA is proud of its Code of Conduct, a document which governs learner conduct at the school. It is a progressive code that encourages a culture of self-discipline yet clearly states the consequences of misconduct by learners. Parents, upon enrolment, are expected to sign an acknowledgment of the code and undertake to ensure that their children abide by the code. The code is revised on an annual basis and is considered to be a permanent working document.

Find out more information about them and maybe you could also get involved.

Thank you once again for our friends over at CNA for the wonderful contribution to this campaign.

Thank you to Broadlink for making our internet connectivity possible.

[MORE] 947 Breakfast Club announces #947SchoolInvasion Schools



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