[WATCH] #947SchoolInvasion at Willowmoore High School

548 days ago

We are looking for the best schools in Joburg. Whether your school is the north, east, west or south of Joburg – 947 loves you. This is why we want to visit you and share THE love during the month of February.

Our third day saw us at Willowmoore High School in Benoni.

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[WATCH] #947SchoolInvasion at Parktown Boys' High School

You can view the full album right here.

A few weeks ago the 947 Breakfast Club was on a mission to find the #BestChocolateCakeInJoburg.

Five people/companies would have the chance to compete against each other as the custodian of the #BestChocolateCakeInJoburg crown!

View the finalists here...

The finalists were:

Here's how they all lined up on the day...

You can view the full album right here.

We selected random members of the school to do a tasting, vote for their favourite and then tally up the votes and let us know who the winner would be...

The winner of the #BestChoicolateCakeInJoburg crown goes to...


Congratulations Crafty Crumbs, you have been voted by the 947 Breakfast Club and Willowmoore High School as the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN JOBURG!

Here's the team behind the #BestChocolateCakeInJoburg💖

Above: The 947 Breakfast Club with the Crafty Crumbs team

[WATCH] #947SchoolInvasion at Gibson Pillay Learning Academy

We got some amazing entertainment from the school's Marimba Band.

Thank you so much to Willowmoore High School for showing us all the love and making our third installment of the #947SchoolInvasion so memorable.

947 loves you!

You can view the full album right here.

Thank you once again for our friends over at CNA for the wonderful contribution to this campaign.

Thank you to Broadlink for making our internet connectivity possible.

[MORE] 947 Breakfast Club announces #947SchoolInvasion Schools



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