What happens to our bodies if we cut out sugar

116 days ago

While South Africa's government tries to reduce the country's sugar intake by imposing a sugar tax, have you ever wondered what would happen to our bodies if there was no sugar to consume in the first place?

Naked Scientist, Chris Smith explains that for millions of years, most human ancestors did not have access to sugar.

He says sugar has a lot to answer for and that we have evolved not to have sugar in our bodies.

It's very much a modern era thing, having access to very sweet things and we haven't evolved to handle those kinds of sweet levels of intake. That is part of the reason why we have an obesity pandemic going on in the world with more than a third of the world's population obese or overweight now.

Chris Smith, Naked Scientist

Sugar is ok in tiny amounts but of you live exclusively on sugar it is very bad for you. It is really important to try and eat a healthy balanced diet.

Chris Smith, Naked Scientist

Smith shares more about the effects of sugar on the body.

The reason for sugar having a bad rep is because when you have a very sugary think like a fizzy drink, the sugar goes into the stomach and very quickly is put into the small intestine which is very efficient at absorbing sugar because we have evolved not to have huge amounts of sugar in our diet...

Chris Smith, Naked Scientist

Insulin encourages cells to pick up sugar and turn it into fat, so if you have a big burst of sugar you actually provoke your body to go into fat building mode and you then plunge your blood sugar down low again, which makes you feel hungry, so you are then tempted to eat more. It's a vicious cycle.

Chris Smith, Naked Scientist

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