[WATCH] Greg & Lucky talk football with legendary footballer, Ryan Giggs


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[WATCH] Greg & Lucky talk football with legendary footballer, Ryan Giggs Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs in the 94.7 studio. Picture: 947.co.za

What happens when you find out that legendary footballer Ryan Giggs is coming into the studio? You ask him all the questions you've ever wanted to and then challenge him to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The legendary Manchester United #11 is in South Africa for the Heineken Champ[ions League trophy tour. He will also be doing some meet and greets with fans whilst in the country.

They chatted about Ryan's career as a footballer and his time at Manchester United.

Chatting about the highlight of his career...

The best feeling I've ever had on a football field was '99 when we won the first Champions League (trophy) against Bayern Munich.

Ryan Giggs

Chatting about the lowest point in his career...

The loss against Barcelona in the Champions League final. I actually wanted to quit football after that game.

Ryan Giggs

The team asked him about things that we, as the public, would never know about certain things that happen behind-the-scenes...

When signings happen, we actually never know about them until it's announced to the public!

Ryan Giggs

Watch the interview below...

So, Lucky is the reigning Rock, Paper, Scissors champion at 947 and it turns out that Ryan Giggs is the reigning Rock, Paper, Scissors champion at Manchester United; so, it was only fair that they went up against each other.

When it started off, you could see why they're both the champions. But Ryan pulled the final punches and scored the win.

If you're going to lose at Rock, Paper, Scissors then it might as well be to Ryan Giggs. It's also probably the only time Lucky didn't mind losing.

Ryan and the Heineken team will be touring around South Africa with the Heineken Champions League trophy, so be sure to follow their social media and maybe you'll get to meet the legend himself.

The trophy will be at Nelson Mandela Square tomorrow (Tuesday 04 March 2019), so tell your boss you're sick and unable to go to work.

Listen to the audio of the full interview and download it, too...

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