GOAT Coffee is the new Joburg hot spot serving up incredible coffee

350 days ago

GOAT Coffee shop

As Autumn approaches, the Toyota #947Crew thought it was fitting to seek new spots for coffee lovers to hang out in the City of Gold. The 947 Crew visited the GOAT Coffee shop situated on 6 Simmonds Street, Marshalltown. The shop is a stone throw away from the M2 South and less than 50m from the Standard Bank headquarters.

The name alone is enough to catch your attention, let alone your taste buds. GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. It also goes back to the way that legend says the coffee was discovered, which was all thanks to the goat. A goat-herder found his goats chewing on some red berries from the Coffee Arabica tree. The way the goats responded to the berries intrigued him because of how erratically they behaved after eating them. The goat-herder tried the berries himself and thus coffee was born and this legend has now given birth to what we consider as a coffee shop you must visit: GOAT Coffee shop.

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The shop has a natural feel, with home-baked banana bread and New-York-style bagels as part of their servings. If that was not a mouthful, we couldn’t help but gasp with joy after a taste of their Ethiopian brewed coffee beans, each serving either an incredible Cappuccino or Chai Latte - both equally delicious.

Special mention has to be made of their style of enjoying your coffee, a concept known to Ethiopian coffee drinkers; a magazine, a stand and your coffee in your hand. It all started with the dream of two brothers and the GOAT coffee shop that we see in the heart of Marshalltown. It’s a realization of a dream of two passionate coffee drinkers.

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Last year, one of the brothers traveled to Ethiopia to immerse himself in the coffee drinking nation and learn all he needed to know about their rich coffee culture. They have customers that come around to GOAT coffee shop more than once a day and we are certain that you’ll be going back for more once you’ve experienced their coffee.

When they opened the shop, their intention was to bring a twist to Marshalltown, adding a trendy vibe and we believe that they have succeeded in doing so.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

The Toyota 947 Crew and Ayanda MVP gave GOAT Coffee the #947JoburgGem stamp of approval, which means all you have to do is visit Marshalltown and enjoy some of the finest coffee in Joburg.

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