Frankie and Zweli give Anele a tour of the new BMW 3 Series

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Here's what happened when Frankie and Zweli give Anele a tour of the new BMW 3 Series... the most human car BMW has ever made...

The all-new BMW 3 Series promises to build on its already world-renowned reputation with a totally new design language, premium interior ambiance and of course, state of the art driver assistance and connectivity technology.

In 2019 we all use tools, apps, and websites to help us keep track of our lives. We all have an app that syncs our diary with a navigation app to tell us when to leave for an appointment – but those 2 literally get you nowhere without a vehicle. And even if you have found a way to hack the matrix, are any of your devices, apps or hacks human enough to read your mood and literally change your environment with a few simple words?

The new BMW 3 series with Intelligent Personal Assistant does all those things because you want it to. It’s the most human machine BMW have ever made and with the Intelligent Personal Assistant– it’s like having a back seat full of personal assistants, running your diary, helping you on the road, planning your social life, helping with your errands, even watching the running of your vehicle.

An Immersive Experience

BMW South Africa

Enjoy thoroughly revised control and display systems with the Instrument Cluster and Control Display both receiving increased screen sizes. There is also the exciting new Optional BMW Live Cockpit Professional which will come with customisable displays. The new BMW Operating System 7.0 enables even easier operation of vehicle functions via gestures, speech, touch screen, and iDrive control – making operation an intuitive experience.

BMW South Africa

BMW Personal Assistant

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant takes control of vehicle functions to a new level. It enables drivers to use their normal, natural voice and speech pattern to interact with their BMW 3 Series Sedan. To start the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, they simply have to say the activation word, “Hey/hello/hi BMW”. There is no need to press a button or wait for a gong. A unique feature among voice assistants is that the activation word can be personalised (for example “Hey Frankie”). The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant explains vehicle functions like the high-beam assistant, provides status updates on things like the oil level and helps the driver detect warnings. Moreover, it provides assistance with functions like navigation, air conditioning, multimedia or telephony.

Regular updates, seamlessly performed via Remote Software Upgrade on the smartphone and in the vehicle, continuously add new functions and capabilities. In addition, the system learns to understand the driver’s habits and preferences and adjusts the vehicle accordingly. 23 languages will be supported right from the start.

It is one of the most striking cars on the road – it’s the smartest.


The new BMW 3 Series can automatically adjust to your ideal room temp, change the mood lighting and start playing your favourite songs. If you were stressed it would have one setting – if you were feeling sleepy a complete other – all I would have to say is ‘’Hey BMW, I am stressed" and voila.

Does your car do that?

With the launch of the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series Sedan, the most advanced level of the BMW Personal CoPilot driver assistance systems will now also become available for the BMW 3 Series Sedan.
The range of driver assistance systems has been expanded to pave the way to more autonomous driving with features like Collision and Pedestrian Warning with Braking and Lane Departure Warning, now standard.

Assistance systems such as Driving Assist and Driving Assist Professional offer the latest and most innovative features on the path to autonomous driving. Like in the new BMW X5 (G05), the optional Driving Assist Professional for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan will in future come with the Steering and Lane Control Assist with support for narrow road sections, which relieves drivers by taking over steering tasks in motorway stop-and-go traffic at speeds of up to 60 km/h, so the driver does not have to actively steer the car.

The Park Assist Plus option not only automatically maneuvers the new BMW 3 Series Sedan into parallel and perpendicular spaces but also maneuvers it out of parallel spaces. Another innovation included in this option is the new Reversing Assist, which provides a kind of support in tight driveways and parking situations that is so far unique: the system saves a record of the last 50 meters covered before parking at speeds below 36 km/h and takes over the steering function when reversing (with the driver accelerating and braking).

The Reversing Assistant remembers the last 30 meters and mimics that so that you can let go of the wheel and have it get out of that tight parking spot for you because, you see, not everyone was born with a steering wheel in their hands.

Reversing Assistant is the only one of its kind in the new BMW 3 Series and is also a small step towards automated driving.

The Reversing Assistant offers you the option of automated reversing in areas such as multi-story car parks or entrances to courtyards.

The combination of technology and driving experience is unmatched.

BMW Digital Key

More keys mean more things to take up space in your handbag or pocket and if you’re like me, more things to misplace. But what if your smartphone – which already is the key to your whole life, now was your car key?

The digital key in the BMW 3 Series is what it sounds like – a digital version of your BMW 3 Series key. After a simple and secure set-up, you can now use your phone to lock, unlock and start your vehicle. So, if you need a family member to drive your car or a colleague offers to do an errand for you while you’re in a meeting, they no longer need your key to drive it – they just need the Connected Drive app on their phone that you’ve loaded with their profile.

In a world run by digital and the latest technology, the new BMW 3 Series dares to make a bold statement “Don’t be driven by technology, drive it.” Smart technology connects driver to car and makes the ease of semi-autonomous driving accessible to anyone. Now in its seventh generation, the all-new BMW 3 Series has its sights set on total digital domination – with you behind the wheel.

The new BMW 3 Series, the most human car BMW has ever made..



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