At least 40 people gunned down at mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand

67 days ago

A number of people reportedly died in a mass shootings at two mosques full of people attending Friday prayers in central Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reporter at NewsTalk in Christchurch, Chelsea Daniels says a gunman killed about 27 people when he opened fire in two mosques in the city, but the latest figures are now believed to be over 40 dead.

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting - three men and one woman, she says.

Christchurch is still in lockdown. Children who finished school about three hours ago are still locked in and their parents are not able to pick them up.

Chelsea Daniels, Reporter - NewsTalk

A 17 minutes video was live-streamed by the alleged killer on Facebook.

Daniels says police have urged members of the public not to share the video.

Facebook said videos which appeared to show the Christchurch shootings have been taken down. YouTube has also removed a video of the shooting.

There were really horrific images there... I watched half of it and I wish I hadn't.

Chelsea Daniels, Reporter - NewsTalk

This is something New Zealand hasn't seen. I mean we had issues with guns before but nothing of this scale. Nothing has touched this country like this.

Chelsea Daniels, Reporter - NewsTalk

Daniels spoke of acts of heroism from other people in the mosque who managed to chase away the shooter by firing back.

She commended those who stepped in to help those injured before paramedics arrived at the scene.

To hear the rest of the conversation, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : At least 40 people gunned down at mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand



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