It's good food, laid back vibes and handcrafted drinks at 86 Public Pizzeria

239 days ago

86 Public Pizzeria is one of the newest additions to the Randburg area. It’s situated across the road from the Randburg Hockey AstroTurf.

If you’re looking for good food, an amazing vibe, and delicious drinks, too, then this #947JoburgGem is for you!

The #947Crew's job is to find places that you’ll enjoy taking your friends and family and places where your taste buds will be truly tantalized.

86 Public in Randburg offers a variety of food. It’s not only delicious, but it’s well presented to their patrons. 86 Public prides itself in its pizza (this only makes sense with it being a pizzeria), their tasteful sticky ribs and their delicious wings. We got to experience these dishes and even our bosses at the office agreed that they were, in fact, something to write home about; because we had to bring back some tasters, of course.

Their biggest challenge from the birth of this business was being the only business in a center that had gone under. They didn’t have the privilege of leveraging off of their neighbours’ customers and they had to start from scratch, but of course, with lows come highs and we're celebrating them today.

Their highlight so far has been the support and feedback that they’ve received from friends, family and Joburgers in and around the city. Many people have let them know that it’s the perfect place to go to; either after work, after a hockey match, or after the gym.

It’s a place just to wind down and enjoy good food, even if you're not grabbing a drink. Their food and drinks are well-priced and this has also been one of their strong points, according to patrons.

We asked one of the owners what 3 words he would use to describe 86 Public.

It’s a vibe.

86 Public Pizzeria

The owners are young Joburgers and we truly think that this can be felt in the vibe you feel when we were there.

86 Public is well known for its vibe over the weekend. They have an awesome deck and upstairs area, where you can enjoy your food and drinks with a great view of the Randburg area. Their staff is welcoming and it’s difficult to not instantly relax once you’re in the vicinity of 86 Public. The aura of the entire pizzeria and bar is one you’ll continuously find yourself in, either for lunch, a night out on the weekend or to wind down the week after a work-heavy 5 days at the office.

We highly recommend this place and as you’ll hear below, we gave it the 947 Joburg Gem stamp of approval with Ayanda MVP. It’s a place that caters to everyone and you should definitely give them a visit soon.

Visit their website for more information.

Facebook: 86 Public Randburg

Instagram: @86Public

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