Motoring: The BMW 8-series, back with a bang!

662 days ago

The new BMW 8 Series recently made landfall in South Africa after a brief appearance in the country's market in 1991.

Jacob Moshokoa took the 850i for a test drive- but what did he think of it?

The numbers were quite limited back in the day, I don't know if they discontinued it or it just wasn't financially viable at the time to continue building but come now in 2019, the 8 series is back and now they are going to go even harder. They will be bringing out later in the year the M8, as well as the grand coupe, a sort of four-door version.

Jacob Moshokoa, car expert

The one I was driving last week, powerful. The bends around Franschhoek was navigating them like nothing.

Jacob Moshokoa, car expert

I was happy because the car has a bit of a heritage, the fact that it was game changing back in the day. I think BMW does that, they put cars on ice and then they make you forget about them and then a decade or two later they come back and they come back with a bang.

Jacob Moshokoa, car expert

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