[UPDATE] Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris under control

63 days ago

The fire at the Notre Dame cathedral was first captured by the camera phones of tourists and local journalists with one of the first social media posts a video tweet of the smoke.

Paris and the world watched in shocked disbelief as the iconic cathedral burned through the night

Reports on Tuesday morning say that the fire is under control and 400 firefighters are standing down.

While the iconic spire of the 860-year old cathedral collapsed, the front towers remain standing.

Kieno Kammies speaks to the French ambassador to South Africa, His Excellency Christophe Farnaud, about the significance of the Notre Dame cathedral, which was engulfed in a massive fire on Monday.

Take a listen:

The mayor of Paris has announced that some artworks were saved.

Crowds gathered outside the burning cathedral singing hymns during the night.

French president Emmanuel Macron on Notre Dame fire: “The worst was avoided even if the battle has not been completely won

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is up in flames.

The blaze that is still ongoing has destroyed much of what is one of the world’s most visited places.

The spire has collapsed, and a massive plume of smoke is wafting across Paris.

Everything is collapsing.

police officer near the scene

The cathedral dates back to the 12th century.

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