[PODCAST] Nadia Nakai chats about her fitness goals and clothing line #MVPZone

67 days ago


If you listen to Ayanda MVP on 947, you'll know that she leads a very busy and exciting life. But, how does she maintain the right balance? When you're managing a busy lifestyle, it's important to ensure that you're keeping your body in good health.

The #MVPZoneis a fitness and lifestyle based weekly podcast consisting of interviews with South Africa’s biggest celebs as well as rising stars about their Fitness and lifestyle journey.Ayanda had a chat to radio personality, entrepreneur and all-round fitness freak Poppy Ntshongwana, and she found out what her favourite exercise is and why she enjoys it, considering she imagines the faces of all the girls her ex cheated on her with while doing it…_

Ayanda MVP chats to her good friend Nadia Nakai about her fitness goals #MVPZone

_Your body is a Temple, and you only realise that when you start treating it like one. _

Nadia Nakai #MVPZOne

_I have to learn how to angle my fist._

Nadia Nakai on Boxing with her long nails

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Ask Ayanda MVP for 3 words to describe her personality, and she’d say ‘happy, eccentric and active’. Waffles and ice-cream with her bestie, a calorie-busting workout at the gym, and a hot hip-hop set are all the radio-loving deck-spinning MVP needs “molifeng”.

If there’s one thing Ayanda loves about Joburg is that it has so many different experiences on offer for different lifestyles. It’s got something for everyone. Basically, Joburg is a lot like her!

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