[Video] The song Cape Town hopes will attract visitors in winter

476 days ago

Cape Town is popular in summer with lots of outdoor activities for visitors. But the City's hotels and restaurants need patrons all year round, not just during the high season.

There have been a variety of campaigns in the past promoting a visit when it is cooler. This music video pokes fun at Cape Town in winter while still promoting how cool it is.

If you know nothing about the Mother City, it is simply a promo video but for those who know a little more, there are lots of inside jokes about life for the locals and their relationship with visitors.

It is filled with local celebrities and landmarks. It was posted by Cape Town Tourism at the beginning of June and together with Mango, they are offering special deals on flights to visit Cape Town.

Watch the video and if you like it share it. You may help support tourism to Cape Town and perhaps even South Africa.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [Video] The song Cape Town hopes will attract visitors in winter



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