Having trouble sleeping? Try these methods to help you fall asleep faster

101 days ago


Researchers say that eating Kiwi before bed will help you fall asleep 33% faster.

If you're someone who struggles to fall asleep, researchers have found that eating a kiwi or two before bed will increase your ability to fall asleep by 33%.

My remedy is warm milk and honey with a bit of cinnamon. Over the weekend, Old Brown Sherry works best.

Anna, 947 Breakfast Club caller

The 947 Breakfast Club asked Joburgers for their own remedies.

Over the weekend I use the brandy method.

Frankie, 947 Breakfast Club

We're not so sure about this one but it definitely helps Charlotte.

I use Ricoffy.

Charlotte, 947 Breakfast Club caller

A couple of tequila shots.

Isabella, 947 Breakfast Club caller

Other methods include:

  • meditation
  • listening to music
  • chamomile tea (Forty Winks from Woolworths)
  • listening to the radio
  • listen to old lectures I've recorded
  • sleeping with socks
  • have a baby (haha)

According to Healthline, other proven methods, backed by research include:

  • lower the room temperature
  • do not look at your clock
  • watch what and when you eat
  • exercise during the day
  • turn off all electronic devices

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Listen to the audio below for more methods to help you fall asleep...

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