According to experts, this the best day to get the best deals

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We all know that there are certain days in a month when some of our favourite shopping items come cheaper.

The 947 Breakfast Club chatted to some experts in various industries and they revealed the best time of the day or best day of the month to get the best prices.

Car Shopping

Mondays are the best day to go car shopping. A caller got a R25,000 discount on his car because they were the first customers on a Monday morning.

Fruit & Vegetables

Food Lovers Market at Stoneridge (Greenstone) has the freshest vegetables on a Wednesday. You also get combo meals there. i.e.: a packet of five different vegetables for only R40.

With R500, you can shop for two trolleys. On any other day, you will only get one trolley worth of food.

The Woolworths in Bissonia (Joburg South) will give you marked down prices on the already marked down prices on a Tuesday after 14:00.

Every day, Checker's offers you all the food that's about to expire on that day at 17:30 at a 50% - 70% discount an hour before they close.


The best day to shop at Hi-Fi Corporation is on a Thursday around 11:30 until 14:30 because most of the promos start from Thursdays.


Sunda mornings and Wednesday morning are the best days to play the slot machines because the machines get reset after the busy nights.

Fast Food

On a Tuesday, KFC will give you 10 Zinger WIngs for R50.

Dinner Date

Humble Harry's will give you your date male for free on a Tuesday.


Tuesdays are the best days to buy flight tickets.

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Mobile Contracts

Cell- C always have specials on a Friday, so the best day to take out a contract is on a Friday.

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