Foreigners living in SA share what they love about our beautiful country

101 days ago


With people leaving SA, Greg & Lucky took some time out to remind us about the beauty of South Africa.

Twenty-two South Africans leave SA and move to New Zealand, every day. A lot of people leave with a bitter taste in their mouths, but let's not forget that we have people who also move to South Africa from other countries.

Who better to ask than foreigners who have made South Africa their new home.

Here's what foreigners say they love about our beautiful country, South Africa.

Here's what foreigners love the most about living in South Africa:

I don't understand what the big deal is, I think this is one of the greatest countries to live in.

Australian living in South Africa

I've been living in SA non-stop since 2009. I've been to Australia, New Zealand, England and more. South Africans abroad are always the ones that ask me why I moved to South Africa.

Aregentinian living in South Africa

I love South Africa because you have damn good parties; everything is proper.

Zimbabwean living in South Africa

I've been here for about a year and you have some of the best weather in the year. If this is Winter, I've been in my pool every night.

Keith, originally from Canada

I've been here for seventeen years now. I love it to bits... Why wouldn't you want to live in a country where you can't even have an open fire in your yard. I love it here. The people are great and every country has its charm but it's one of the best opportunities I've experienced in my life. I'm definitely not leaving.

Jackie, originally from Netherlands

It's amazing. I love the food. I eat pap and I love it so much!

Amand, originally from Berlin

Greg & Klucky did a montage to the sound of Johnny Clegg's Great Heart and it'll get you seriously choked up...

Download the montage and share it with friends who left South Africa and friends still living in South Africa!

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