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547 days ago

We all dream about being millionaires... 💸 Imagine living like a moghul who enjoys the luxury of skipping winters in South Africa for summers in Miami, swapping coffees for french champagne and, being one of those rich people in designer clothes who walk around with Pomeranians on their arm.

If you're part of #GenerationHustle and plan on hustling your way to your first million, you're probably going to have to fill up all your spare time with side-hustles until your 90th birthday to make all that paper. So, if you're tired of obsessing about bills and, keen on making (legit) big money – while you're young enough to spend it, you're better off making the clever move and, investing it.

But, if you're going to be making a killing on investments, you won't have time to sweat the small stuff like not understanding investment lingo, wondering how to make your first investment and the hidden costs that come with it.

That's why, Satrix are breaking down the terminology around investment speak and, making investing easier than it's ever been.

Why invest with SatrixNOW?

The platform is a secure online investing hub where you can invest in index-tracking unit trusts and ETFs in a standard account or your tax-free savings account (TFSA). SatrixNOW is low cost and transparent, which allows you to track all your investments.

Visit to start investing now.

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