'I used to be reckless but I have slowed down'

170 days ago

DJ Fresh (real name Thato Sikwane) says he insists on managing his time and setting time aside for things that matter - a trait that may be the reason for his successes.

The 947 afternoon drive host joined Bruce Whitfield for this week's Make Money Mondays to share details on his relationship with money, how he manages it and the importance of saving.

Speaking on his experience with money, Sikwane says he has had to slow down on the spending over the years.

Myself and money are not always the best of friends because there is a reckless part of me that wants to just spend, but because I have watched people around me squander money or be worse off than they were before they had money, I am also very cautious.

DJ Fresh

A friend of mine says I have a pauper mentality because I literally count cents. I think twice before I spend on something, so i am a reluctant reckless spender.

DJ Fresh

I used to waste money on cars for instance. My nine or ten years at YFM, I was literally buying almost a car a year at some stage until my good friend DJ Oskido pulled me to the side and said why don't you rather get a property a year if you must splurge.

DJ Fresh

I used to be reckless but I have slowed down.

DJ Fresh

The DJ says he has an adviser who helps him make sure he is putting enough money away.

There are days when I look at my retirement plans and I think do I really need these? But I would rather look back when I am sixty and say I am glad I did.

DJ Fresh

I am big on preaching about 'if you can afford to save'. The fact that I was without a salary for two months but my family didn't feel it, it is because I was saving for that rainy day.

DJ Fresh

I save enough for a rainy day but I also invest a portion of my salary.

DJ Fresh

He says the best money decision he has made is in property and that his biggest achievement was building a house for his parents.

A lot of what I do is lead by empathy. I would probably be that lawyer that does everything pro bono , so I am glad I am not a lawyer.

DJ Fresh

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