Local sisters celebrate and preserve coloured identity

168 days ago

Knowing who we are plays a key role in how we think, how we feel, and how we live our day to day lives.

And in the South African context identity and who we are is often linked to the injustices of the past, particularly for people of colour.

Cape Town sisters Deidre MacKenna and Delmary Delport have sought to explore their coloured identity and heritage using their brand Hello Coloured Life as a platform.

Deidre explains where the journey of exploring their coloured identity began.

Growing up our parents sent us to Model C schools, so I was this coloured girl going to what was considered a white school and there was that thing of who am I, what am I?

Deidre Mackenna, Co-founder - Hello Coloured Life

Deidre began saying, I want to know more about our colour and our heritage and where we are coming from.

Delmary Delport, Co-founder - Hello Coloured Life

In 2015 their mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, leading the young women to wonder how best they could preserve the sayings she had shared with them.

All of our slogans on Hello Coloured Life is onse mense se goedjies and what my mom used to say.

Delmary Delport, Co-founder - Hello Coloured Life

Using the slogans made familiar by their mom, Deidre and Delmary have launched a range of products carrying the sayings.

To find out more about Hello Coloured Life, listen to the full interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Local sisters celebrate and preserve coloured identity



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