3 ways the internet is changing how we watch TV

105 days ago

The rise of the internet and online streaming has disrupted the way we watch TV... and, has thankfully put an end to the relentless battle over the TV remote that most of us have suffered in our lifetime.

Growing up with siblings: life was a battlefield and, the painful memories of never managing to gain control of the TV remote is slowly starting to fade away... thanks to the evolution of TV.

It wasn't too long ago that catching up on your favourite TV show meant propping yourself up on the couch in front of the television set in the living room and, enduring endless television advertisements selling us things we don't need.

We're no longer slaves to our TV sets and, the TV Guide is no longer the official guide, controlling how and what we watch on television.

Now, staring into a television screen is just one of the many ways to watch Lifetime Channel's Marrying Millions and Cheerleader generation and; the options for augmenting our traditional way of watching are becoming more and more exciting.

Here are 3 ways TV-connected devices and Dstv Now is making television so much better:

1. Laptop or desktop PC

Thanks to the internet, DStv Now allows you to stream Lifetime Channel's gripping reality series, moving relationship shows and binge-worthy movies on your browser, without downloading the app. Since you’re already paying a monthly subscription, there are no extra costs.

2. Smartphone or tablet

If you’re a DStv subscriber, downloading the DStv Now app to your smartphone or tablet enables you to watch your favourite shows online, anytime and anywhere at no extra costs. Whether you're sitting in the back on the bus, train or on a horse-drawn carriage, you can relish all the drama, all the romance and all the intrigue on Lifetime Channel, as long as you're connected to the internet.

3. Smart TV

Did you know? As long as your Smart TV is connected to the internet, it supports Dstv Now. Just download DStv Now directly to your TV and stream without the need for any external hardware.

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