Uber, some salons introduce 'silent mode' options. Should other services follow?

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Do you sometimes wish you could skip all the small talk and just get to your destination quietly? What about getting your hair cut without all the small talk?

Well, it's now a reality as Uber has introduced this option. If you're going to the salon you have this option at selected ones, too.

Uber Black has the option of silent mode and you also have the option of no music to be played in the vehicle.

Salons have also jumped on the bandwagon and are now given people the option of silent mode when making appointments at your favourite salon.

I don't mind chatty service providers because if you're nice to them they'll do a good job.

Thembekile, 947 Breakfast Club

The team then jumped into other places that should have the silent mode option.

Here's a list of other providers that should adopt the silent mode:

  • people sitting next to you on an aeroplane
  • at the gym whilst I'm working out
  • at school, especially between lessons
  • when you walk into a restaurant
  • massage therapy sessions
  • nail salons
  • at the workplace
  • when you're running

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