8 ways to mitigate against a stone-throwing attack on your car

418 days ago

The best way to prevent being targeted by criminals on Cape Town's highways is to always remain vigilant.

The Automobile Association (AA) has warned motorists to be alert on the roads at all times following stone-throwing attacks along the N1.

These attacks are unpredictable because opportunistic criminals often use the element of surprise to pounce on unsuspecting motorists, explains AA spokesperson Layton Beard.

These horrific attacks happen at random sometime and you can't predict where and when they are going to occur.

Layton Beard, Automobile Association spokesperson

On Saturday, Karla Etzebeth was injured after her car was pelted with stones along the N1 by four men.

Last week, school teacher Michelle Petersen lost her life after a similar attack on the N1 near Paarl.

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Here is Layton Beard's advice for motorists:

  • avoid poorly lit roads and highways

  • be aware of the stone-throwing hotspots and avoid them, especially at night

  • monitor social media, traffic and safety pages for updates before each trip

  • put all valuables in the boot and out of sight

  • consider installing a special window safety film

  • stay vigilant, especially when passing under a bridge

  • change lanes to move away from any suspicious movement

  • if you are able to escape an attempted attack, report it to authorities

If you know of certain areas which are specifically prone to this type of the incident, you might want to avoid them.

Layton Beard, Automobile Association spokesperson

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