Do not consume food or alcohol excessively to comfort yourself - psychologist

302 days ago

December is mostly a month for celebrations and family holidays but the mood is not jolly for everyone.

Some people are dealing with loss and some major changes in their lives.

Eusebius McKaiser speaks to clinical psychologist Viwe Dweba about ways to help deal with loss this festive season.

Whenever we try to avoid a real experience with ourselves emotionally it opens up unhealthy ways of trying to cope

Viwe Dweba, Clinical psychologist

We all grieve in our own pace and in our own way. You are allowed to grieve and feel the way you are feeling.

Viwe Dweba, Clinical psychologist

Dweba shares how to self-care during this time.

  • Allow yourself space to grieve. Be patient with yourself – we all grieve in our own time.

  • Manage your expectations of yourself in order to minimise your stress levels – if you don’t feel up to hosting, don’t host.

  • Don’t punish yourself if you find yourself smiling or experiencing moments of enjoyment. You are allowed to experience happiness even while grieving.

  • Social support is important, so ask for it if you feel you need it (e.g. friends and family).

  • Leave the house at least once and join some family/friend gatherings, even if you end up needing to leave early. Going out will give you some sense of normalcy and a sense of belonging.

  • Volunteering in a way that’s meaningful to you can be a good way to lift your spirits. We also help ourselves when we help others.

  • If you need a space to speak about what you’re going through, you can find a therapist or counsellor to help you through this season.

  • Do not consume food or alcohol excessively in order to comfort yourself.

  • Physical health has an impact on your emotional state. Make sure you eat well, sleep well, get some exercise and follow a normal routine.

Listen to the full interview below...

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