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Good advice is hard to come by, especially when it hasn't been tried and tested.

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The 947 Breakfast Club asked Joburgers to share valuable pieces of relationship advice that they actually found useful in their relationships.

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Some of these may seem trivial, but it's the trivial information that we sometimes forget to make use of.

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Here's some valuable advice for those in relationships or getting married soon...

  1. a way through a man's heart is through the stomach
  2. don't go to bed angry
  3. compromise
  4. communication... your partner is not a mind reader
  5. expectation and reality are very different
  6. respect each others alone time
  7. admit when you are wrong
  8. show love and/ or appreciation daily
  9. be honest... even it's hard to say
  10. always do something without being asked/ told. i.e.: dishes, cleaning, etc.
  11. on your wedding day, don't stress about things that go wrong because nobody else will know
  12. happy wife, happy life
  13. you have to put God first in your relationship
  14. financial transparency
  15. buy two tubes of toothpaste
  16. never fight without your wedding ring on
  17. men: do you want to be right or be happy?
  18. never stop dancing

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