[LISTEN] Has your boss ever found out that you're looking for a new job?

113 days ago


A boss oversaw one of his colleagues browsing Careers24, and said out loud, “Someone has to learn how to put the newsletter together incase Dennis isn’t here tomorrow!”


There are certain industries you have to be very careful. Like, in radio, all the managers at various stations know each other, so if you ask for a meeting, your boss will know about it. We knew was going to work here before Fresh knew he was going to work here!

Alex Caige

My boss suspected because when I went for the interview she was the reference on my CV. When she asked me if I was looking for a new job I said no and she then asked what she must now do for the company asking about me?

947 Breakfast Club listener

My boss doesn't have to hear it from anyone! She knows that I want to leave because this place is horrible.

947 Breakfast Club caller

I sent my CV to the exact same recruiter who recruited me for my current job!

947 Breakfast Club caller

I tried to print the offer letter from a company at the office of my current company and I accidentally used my boss's printer.

947 Breakfast Club caller

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