Here's why it is important for children to spend less time on their/ your phone

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Screen time management is becoming an increasingly topical conversation around the world. We know it, but why is it so important? Here's some advice from the 947 Breakfast Club.

Here's why it's important to spend less time on your phone:

  1. more time needs to be spent outside
  2. getting fresh air is important
  3. socialising with others
  4. formalise your social skills
  5. it's not a right to be on your phone

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For parents, it's also important to set the right example...

Be the change that you wish to see. If your children see you on screen all the time - on Instagram, on Facebook or on LinkedIn - automatically they are going to feel that there is nothing wrong with being on screen all the time.

Nasreen Cariem, Occupational Therapist

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Manage your phone's screen time on Android and iOS.

If you know that your child really battles to be removed from screen time to set viewing times together. For example, say to them, if you are done with your homework then you'll be able to have about an hour or two of screen time.

Nasreen Cariem, Occupational Therapist

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