[LISTEN] Which movies/ TV shows are the 947 Breakfast Club currently watching?

136 days ago

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My question is for the whole club. Good morning guys. What is your favorite series to binge-watch whilst you are in quarantine?

947 Breakfast Club caller

I'm so jealous! 'm watching Tayo The Bus, Baby Boss, and Pepper Pig. He's developing a British accent now.

Anele, 947 Breakfast Club

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The one show that pops up is The Simpsons.

Frankie, 947 Breakfast Club

I'm jealous of the people even able to download new series'. I'm stuck in the horror show we're stuck in right now - the Coronavirus. because of the news, I'm stuck in it.

Thembekile, 947 Breakfast Club

With absolutely no live sport on the go, I did put The Crown down but I've now picked it up again. It's like a book.

Cindy, 947 Breakfast Club

I'm watching Narcos, Mexico!

Alex, 947 Breakfast Club

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Here's a list of shows Joburgers are watching:

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