Connect With The World: 947 Breakfast Club chat to Laura Soal in the Netherlands

440 days ago


Every morning Anele and the 947 Breakfast will connect and share stories with people from around the world who are also in lockdown.

South Africa is on a 21 day lockdown, but so are many other countries around the world. Not only will we be checking in on our locals from Joburg, we would like to chat to our South African friends and family from around the world.

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If you have a friend, family member or loved one who is currently somewhere outside of South Africa, send their details to our WhatsApp line 084 00 00 947, and we will try to have them on the show to check how they are keeping up...

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The team chatted to Laura Soal, currently living in the Netherlands...

Here's what they chatted about...

And YES, they asked the question. And YES, the coffee shops are still open. The government did say they will be closed but the lines were 2km long, so the government changed that plan quickly. The area in which Laura Soal is based, Gorinchem, there are three open coffee shops; and the one rule is, no sharing of the pull on the herb...
makes sense.

She says as a South African, she is always looking to see which rules she can not follow (we know), but folks in the Netherlands really follow the rules and that is why she is not stressed at all.

Here’s what had us with our jaws on the floor; their government actually want the population to get COVID-19 so they can manage the curing as opposed to the prevention...

  • How are things currently in the Netherlands?

  • How is COVID19 affecting the people there?

  • Are we getting the full story here back home?

  • What is your biggest fear?

  • Who are you missing the most?

Listen to the full conversation below and download the podcast...

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