'Anxiety and over-eating top 2 lockdown conditions, more South Africans smoking'

38 days ago

An Ipsos online survey conducted in 16 countries from 7-10 May found that more people are experiencing particularly anxiety, over-eating and under-exercising as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Africa Melane asks the local Ipsos service line manager for Public Affairs about the findings relating to South Africa.

Ezethu Mandlelize says the South Africans surveyed reflect the same concerns as citizens of the other countries included in the study.

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31% of the local respondents selected suffer from anxiety, with 29% reporting over-eating and under-exercising.

South Africans seem to be experiencing a lot of psycho-social issues as a result of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdown.

Ezethu Mandlelize, Service line manager - Ipsos

Insomnia and depression are also high on the list.

One can't come to a conclusion that because it's Level 3 people will no longer suffer from these things. In as much as the issue of under-exercising can be taken care of, we are still a bit concerned from the findings about whether or not issues around anxiety or over-eating, insomnia and depression will be taken care of.

Ezethu Mandlelize, Service line manager - Ipsos

She says South African women were more open to revealing their problems than their male counterparts.

Women usually play the role of caring for families... often looking after the finances of households and I think them having to think about all these things is causing this burden to them, and also not being able to socialise like they used to, so I think it tends to affect them more.

Ezethu Mandlelize, Service line manager - Ipsos

According to the survey South Africans are drinking less, but smoking more.

What is quite interesting also about this study is that people are consuming less alcohol than before the pandemic... People are now smoking more - smoking has increased by eight percentage points and I think this puts more weight around reports on people being able to access cigarettes in a manner that is illegal in South Africa.

Ezethu Mandlelize, Service line manager - Ipsos

Access the complete report here.

Mandlelize says Ipsos will be releasing findings every week covering a wide range of topics relating to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listen to the conversation in the audio below:

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