Ramaphosa: Monday marks a milestone for South Africa

37 days ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday Monday 1 June will mark a significant shift in the country’s

Ramaphosa on Sunday sat down with the South African National Editors Forum for a two-hour virtual interview, which started at 2pm.

The country is expected to move to level 3 lock down on Monday, which will see more sectors of the economy opening and some strict lock down regulations relaxed.

Ramaphosa said moving to level 3 was a milestone.

“The move to level 3, which starts on Monday, the 1st, in many ways marks a significant shift in our approach to the disease. Having moved from a lockdown to intensive public health management is quite a shift. This is a useful opportunity to reflect on the progress that we've made since we started dealing with this pandemic.”

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In the interview, Ramaphosa thanked the media in the country for informing the public, stimulating debate and promoting accountability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He outlined how the media played a critical role during the pandemic.

“You’ve really helped to inform and to empower the people of our country. But you’ve also stimulated public debate. But much more importantly, you’ve also helped to promote accountability and to hold those of us in positions of authority to account,” he said.

This article first appeared on EWN : Ramaphosa: Monday marks a milestone for South Africa



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