'People queue in chairs outside Tops while SAB unloads precious, precious cargo'

71 days ago

Many South Africans woke up on Monday morning with a Friday feeling – alcohol sales are legal again!

Liquor stores have prepared for massive queues.

The use of alcohol is deeply embedded in South African culture as sky-high black-market prices and a recent spate of lootings show.

Refilwe Moloto interviewed EWN’s Petrus Botha who kept an eye on liquor stores around the Melkbos area.

Melkbos is such a friendly place! The guy standing in front of me is holding my place [while Botha is talking to Moloto] … The guy behind me is keeping his spot! …

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

I’m here for work purposes…

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

The Tops at the Melkbos Spar – there were people in camping chairs… easily about 50 people!

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

There’s an SAB truck in the parking lot unloading the precious, precious cargo…

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

You can buy three cases of beer, three cases of cider, six bottles of spirits, three cases of wine and three boxes of wine… You can buy from 9 am to 5 pm – don’t make this the toilet paper, pre-lockdown rush!

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

This is something we’re going to tell our grandkids about – that we got out at 9 am so that we can buy booze after 67 days!

Petrus Botha, reporter - EWN

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'People queue in chairs outside Tops while SAB unloads precious, precious cargo'



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