What do you need to know about lockdown Level 3? Pundits explain

69 days ago

South Africa on Monday officially entered lockdown Level 3 which meant that many employees returned to work.

Lockdown Level 3 also means that South Africans can now buy alcohol from 9 am until 5 pm from Monday to Thursday, it also means people can now exercise at any time of the day.

Restaurants would also allow customers to collect food orders with strict C OVID-19 regulations in place, or they could opt for the drive-through route, which is also now allowed.

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Nickolaus Bauer on the Eusebius McKaiser Show facilitates a discussion on the different regulations under lockdown Level 3 with Chemaly Attorneys Incorporated and Consulting Strategist director Richard Chemaly and News24 journalist James de Villiers.

For most, Level 3 is where most people want to be, its a balance of caution but also far less restrictions, low restrictions on those who effectively want to go out and exercise during the day. The opening of businesses and for the most part non-contact businesses can open and function relatively normally.

Richard Chemaly, Director - Chemaly Attorneys Incorporated and Consulting Strategist

He says this is the space where a lot of people are happy to be as most of the economic sector is able to open.

De Villiers says most people were surprised with the level of openness that is seen with lockdown Level 3.

We are seeing a major reopening of the economy and we can expect that reopening to be broaden as the days and months go ahead.

James de Villiers, Journalist - News24

Listen below to the full conversation on what lockdown Level 3 means:

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