Netflix, Amazon coming to a DStv decoder near you? MultiChoice offers no denials

56 days ago

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is coming to DStv decoder near you, reported Business Day on Wednesday.

Nearly 20 million households in 50 countries have a DStv subscription.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed MultiChoice CFO Tim Jacobs.

Jacobs was coy but offered no denials when Whitfield mentioned Netflix and Amazon specifically.

We have signed two distribution agreements with major international platforms, without naming them…

Tim Jacobs, CFO - MultiChoice

For more detail, listen to the interview in the audio below (or scroll down for more quotes from it).

We’re seeing a slightly slower rate [of disconnects] in our premium category on the back on us not increasing prices… Overall disconnects are inline with historical trends… With lockdowns in a number of countries across the Continent, towards the end of the financial year, we actually saw numbers increasing… Those subscribers have stayed with us.

Tim Jacobs, CFO - MultiChoice

If the sports event is postponed there is no reduction in the cost... We have a deferral of cost, but no cost reduction… We still have those commitments…

Tim Jacobs, CFO - MultiChoice

Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Television is still the predominant way we deliver our service across Africa. But over-the-top [streaming via the internet] is becoming a bigger part of the consumer experience… Our strategy is to straddle all these technologies… offering simplicity, choice and convenience… accessing multiple types of content from multiple service providers…

Tim Jacobs, CFO - MultiChoice

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