Quotes that changed lives and could change yours, too

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W eall have that one quote that changed our lives and came through for us when we were going through a tough time.

Well, we're in some of the strangest times of our generation and we could all use some inspiration and motivation. The #FreshhOn947 team asked Joburgers to share the quotes that changed their lives - including their personal favourites.

Fresh's favourite quote is one that he has always used. It's by Hannibal (no not that Hannibal)...

I shall find a way or make one!

DJ Fresh, quote by Hannibal

The greatness of a community is accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members

Mantose, quote by Coretta King

Shannon literally uses his quote every single day of his life...

It is what it is.

Shannon, TikTok

  • "man can't live on quotes alone, you must still get up and make a plan." - DJ Fresh
  • "prayer is meditation to prepare you for whatever it is that you want to do."
  • "if you keep on going left you're bound to come right eventually."
  • "walk as if you own the place."
  • "silence lends consent."
  • "stop waiting on people to evaluate you, go and knock on doors yourself!"
  • "I am warning you!" - Archbishop Tutu

Here are more quotes to help inspire and motivate you...


"What kept me going was the thought that things will get better." - Tresor
"It's a song about pushing through the hard times - like now" - Matthew Mole
"Every moment we have is a big moment. I'm grateful for their support." - Elaine
Ariana Grande releases beautiful new single, 'Stuck With U' feat. Justin Bieber
James Deacon: "I nearly lost my arm & almost had to give up music."
Kehlani announces new album ”It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” out 8 May

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