What is an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus disease?

49 days ago

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EB Inglis chats to Epidemiologist Dr Jody Boffa about what it means to be an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus disease.

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People who are infected with the virus and they never show any symptoms throughout the duration of the infection.

- Dr Jody Boffa, Epidemiologist

Presymptomatic is the phase when an individual is infected but hasn’t yet developed symptoms.

Presymptomatic, they say it is about 3-5 days with COVID where you have the infection but you don't show symptoms whereas an asymptomatic case who for the duration they never show symptoms...

- Dr Jody Boffa, Epidemiologist

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At the World Health Organisation (WHO) press conference in early June, Dr Maria van Kerkhove stated that asymptomatic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is rare.

WHO has since clarified the statement noting that while “the majority of transmission that we know about” is through individuals with symptoms, “there is a subset of people who don’t develop symptoms, and to truly understand how many people don’t have symptoms – we don’t actually have that answer yet.”

She's one of WHO's top epidemiologists, so for her to say this caused quite a bit of stir because the reason we wear masks and we choose to social distance is that we've been told that people without symptoms are spreading the virus.

- Dr Jody Boffa, Epidemiologist

Listen to EB Inglis' full interview with Dr Jody Boffa, below...

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