Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation: SA must address sexual entitlement, misogyny

68 days ago

CAPE TOWN - Addressing sexual entitlement and misogyny are key issues that need to be prioritised as part of efforts to eradicate gender-based violence.

The Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation on Monday hosted a virtual discussion on the role of men and other issues in the fight to end violence against women.

The event marked a year since the death of 19-year-old UCT student was killed at the Clareinch Post Office in Claremont last year.

The virtual meeting opened with a video message from Mrwetyana's mother, Nomangwane Mrwetyana, highlighting the importance of men forming part of solutions to end gender-based violence.

“We are asking why this violence against women in South Africa is not changing quickly enough and what we can do about it. Rise up, men.”

One of the panellists, UCT psychology Professor Floretta Boonzaaier, said that it was important to shift and shape the public’s awareness of violence, patriarchy and sexual entitlement.

“I would argue gender-based violence is a term that is empty in meaning. We talk about gender-based violence without talking about misogyny and by misogyny, I mean the hate directed at women.”

Boonzaaier stresses the importance of the media in driving the message against gender-based violence.

“How is it possible for the media to report about a woman found hanging from a tree, another found under her bed, another in a rubbish bin, a draw, or a construction site without talking about misogyny?”

The webinar is a collaborative initiative between the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation, the Masculinity & Health Research Unit of the MRC and UNISA, and the Psychological Society of South Africa.

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