Faster, cheaper Covid-19 testing kit launched in SA


Sara-Jayne King

552 days ago
Faster, cheaper Covid-19 testing kit launched in SA FILE: A City of Tshwane Health official takes a nasal swab to test for the COVID-19 coronavirus on a taxi operator at the Bloed Street Mall in Pretoria Central Business District, on 11 June 2020. Picture: AFP.

A Cape Town-based company has just launched a new Covid-19 testing platform.

BioTech Africa says they'll be able to test a greater number of people at a fraction of the cost.

The first two sites opening are at Hamilton Rugby Club in Greenpoint and next door to the Checkers Emporium Shopping centre in Constantia.

The testing kits will also soon be sold at selected pharmacies nationwide and the samples couried back to Biotech's laboratories overnight for processing the next day.

The lab uses the same technology used to test the entire population of Wuhan, China in just a few days.

Paul Anley is the CEO of BioTech Africa...

It's a self-sampling technique, you don't need a nurse - and you just push it up your nose by about 1 inch , swirl it around, put it in the tube and send it to the lab.

Paul Anley, CEO - BioTech Africa...

Anley says the tests would allow for mass testing:

We have been trying to engage the health department because our technology not only has that capacity but it's extremely cheap.

Paul Anley, CEO - BioTech Africa

We are launching it at R600 which is R200 less than national labs are charging

Paul Anley, CEO - BioTech Africa

Click below to find out more about the new tests being offered by BioTech Africa:

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