Twice The Love shown for Nickolet when she gets Thando's glamorous dress


Preneil Pillay

400 days ago
Twice The Love shown for Nickolet when she gets Thando's glamorous dress

When it was announced that Thando was joining 947, she got a plethora of messages from people congratulating her.

Although she was touched by all the love she received, there were a few that especially stood out, and she wants to share that love back.

Nickolet saw one of Thando's dresses and really wanted to find out if she could borrow it? Thando wore the dress (pictured below) when she hosted the SAFTAs in 2017.

This is the dress Nickolet was referring to...

Listen to the full moment below. and download the podcast..

We caught up with Nickolet to find out how her 30th birthday celebration went...

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