FlySafair wants you to back proposal for holidays to fall on nearest Fri/Mon


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44 days ago
FlySafair wants you to back proposal for holidays to fall on nearest Fri/Mon Image: FlySafair on Facebook @flysafair

FlySafair plans to approach Parliament with a proposal to amend the execution of South Africa’s Public Holidays Act.

The low-cost airline wants public holidays that fall mid-week be moved to either a Friday or Monday.

It proposes that a day of observance serve to recognise the historical significance of these days should they fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

FlySafair says implementation of its proposal would boost recovery of the travel and tourism industry, and contribute to overall economic growth.

Bruce Whitfield interviews CEO Elmar Conradie, who explains that they are still gauging whether there is public support for the idea.

The public holiday innovation is one way the government could help the recovery of a tourism industry badly hit during the past 18 months, he says.

We haven't put the proposal forward just yet. Part of the process is that we need to get the support from the various industries and also from the public.

Elmar Conradie, CEO - FlySafair

We've been trying to see whether there are ways that government can help the tourism industry and the travel industry financially. This is something we can do that is practical, doesn't really cost government money and would hopefully give the tourism sector in South Africa a boost.

Elmar Conradie, CEO - FlySafair

We don't want to diminish the historical importance of any of these dates... We think it does matter so we're proposing that you still commemorate the historical date on the day... but like they do in the UK, actually move the public holiday to the Friday or the Monday.

Elmar Conradie, CEO - FlySafair

It becomes a question of efficiency as well... For most companies, if you've got a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday public holiday, you can almost write off the part of the week before or after the day anyway because so many people take a long weekend...

Bruce Whitfield, The Money Show host

Listen to Conradie's proposal in detail on The Money Show:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : FlySafair wants you to back proposal for holidays to fall on nearest Fri/Mon

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