This is how to spot job scams to avoid being fleeced


Tlou Legodi

123 days ago
This is how to spot job scams to avoid being fleeced FILE: Workers from Hemel en Aarde restaurant in Hermanus take part in the million seats on the streets protest on Wednesday, 22 July 2020. Picture: Supplied.

You may have seen the posts recently online. Concerned Twitter users warn job-seekers of potential scams and dangerous users who post fake job listings.

We know that youth unemployment levels are at an all-time high so these scammers have a captive audience with their fake job adverts and appeals for young people to attend job fairs and interviews. But how do we stop these and how do we spot which posts and legitimate and which are fake?

Finding the perfect job for you can seem challenging, especially considering the many job descriptions and online tools you can look through. With many opportunities out there, it can also be difficult to discern legitimate job
positions from fake offers from scammers. However, there are several key traits of these types of scams and knowing what to look for can help you find reliable and genuine opportunities best suited for you.

Transcend Talent Management MD Zanele Luvuno tells Clement Manyathela more.

You should be able to corollate the information with what is on the website. Have a description of the role. If the salary and the needs of the role do not corollate that raises a flag. The domain must match that of the company. Check the company profile.

Zanele Luvuno, MD - Transcend Talent Management

If it is a generic name such as yahoo or gmail I won't trust that. The best you can do is to report them to the company they purport to represent. Go to the police station as a matter of course.

Zanele Luvuno, MD - Transcend Talent Management

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