Hubby secretly invites mom-in-law on holiday


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Hubby secretly invites mom-in-law on holiday Copyright: bialasiewicz/123rf

Reddit's popular venting thread 'Am-I-The-asshole' shared a story that has had people weighing in with strong opinions. (Scroll to the end of the article to see the full original Reddit post)

The original poster (OP) says she and her mother-in-law have always had a dodgy relationship throughout her marriage. At times her mom-in-law has treated her badly, at other times she would try and copy her style - even dying her hair purple!

"One time when she LITERALLY dyed her hair purple just like mine and when everyone pointed out how ridiculous she looked, she actually blamed me and accused me of trying to make a joke out of her," says the OP.

She says she and her husband planned a two-week vacation. "I was the one who saved up for and arranged for the trip (my husband was responsible for booking the tickets)."

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But, her mom-in-law was determined to come along on the holiday and even threw temper tantrums when she was told she could not come.

"She called, texted, sent people to talk to me into letting her come, even threatened to call the police and make some complaint up to get us to stay if she can't come."

The wife and her husband disagreed about it and he tried to pressurise her into letting his mother come along. After much arguing, he agreed he would tell his mom to back off.

Then, things got suspiciously quiet after that, she says.

The day of the vacation dawned.

She explains:

"My husband was walking ahead of me and was looking left and right like he was looking for someone. I asked him but he didn't respond. He lead me to the waiting area and first thing I saw was his mom standing there with her luggage. I froze in my spot."

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The OP was extremely angry, turned, and walked out of the airport. Her husband shouted after her that she was overreacting but she was having none of it.

"I went home and sobbed into my dog's fur for several minutes. turned out he booked her a ticket without me knowing. an hour later he came home yelling and raging about how pathetic and spiteful I was to walk out and go home and ruin the trip last minute."

Do you think she was being too sensitive?

Should she have just gone on holiday with her husband and his mom?

Reddit users weighed in with many saying it was a relationship deal-breaker and divorce was on the cards.

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