Things you need to know about gas safety in your home


Devon Thomas

35 days ago
Things you need to know about gas safety in your home The matter was first taken up by the commission in 2015 insisting that the companies colluded to fix the deposit price of the LPG cylinders to first time buyers. Picture : Pixabay

With winter looming, the heaters are coming out and a popular way of heating homes is through a gas heater, but how much do you know about the safety of the gas cylinders you use to heat your home?

A video recently went viral showing a person using a 48kg gas cylinder for their household heater which is an extreme hazard because the recommended gas cylinder size should not exceed 9kg.

To refill your gas cylinder, make sure that it is being done from an approved refiller. When refilling the cylinder, you have the right to ask the dealer to show some form of identification that proves that they are an authorized dealer.

Why this matters is that it is important that the cylinder needs to go through a safety check every time it is refilled.

If you suspect that someone is filling gas or selling gas cylinders illegally, contact the cylinder's company to see if they are an authorized dealer. If they are not the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of South Africa at 011 886 9702 to report the matter.

Lastly, when purchasing cylinders, to make sure it's legit, make sure the plastic shield wrap that you see on the valve and the brand's name match as well as take note of its serial number. If it is a plain wrap or simply written LPG or LPG Gas, it is unauthorized and should not be purchased.

Find out more in the clip below.

It has to be an Easigas bottle with an Easigas wrap on it but to go further, there must be a serial number on it. Keep that plastic wrap when you get home. Don't dispose of it until you have finished your gas for in case something goes wrong.

Gadibolae Dihlabi, Managing director - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of South Africa

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