Jeremy Loops' new album 'Heard You Got Love' is out


Nondwe Maqubela

23 days ago
Jeremy Loops' new album 'Heard You Got Love' is out

South African folk music singer-songwriter Jeremy Loops has released his long-awaited album.

Loops has not strayed away from the music that he is known for as the third album is full catchy, with head-bopping anthems to get anyone tapping their feet and maybe, just maybe, singing along too.

Jeremy Loops visits Anele Mdoda and Frankie on Anele and the Club on 947

Anele Mdoda and Frankie from Anele and the Club on 947 were visited by a special guest ahead of his album release.

Loops managed to tell Anele and Frankie about what he has been up to in the past couple of years and the process he got up to when putting together the album.

Jeremy Loops is officially the sing-along king. The sing-along king is in the building!

Anele Mdoda

First time meeting Ed Sheraan

Jeremy Loops details how he was specially picked up, and travelled out into the countryside when he was meeting up with Ed Sheraan.

They worked at his home rather than a studio.

I didn't know much of Ed's music before then as much as everyone. Obviously, I was well aware of him and it wasn't that I wasn't a fan. It's just that I wasn't listening. I didn't have all the songs that were massive like parts of my life - it made me feel nervous to meet this hero.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

Writing the album Heard You Got Love

Loops has worked with a number of renowned artists and high-end producers on the album, including the likes of Ed, Simone Felice and Eg White.

These guys are massive in their own right. They don't need to work with anyone they don't feel like. They are not passing through CVs. If they like what they hear... Normally it becomes because they have heard something about you.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

All my writing happens in the dead of night. I'm a complete night owl by trade and it suits my life well.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

And sometimes that's the way it is - you don't come out with a song, sometimes you come out with an amazing song and that's when you decide if you are going to take it forward.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

Jeremy's album Heard You Got Love is available on all music streaming platforms.

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**Jeremy Loops gets pranked by Anele Mdoda**

So, I start getting my guitar out, they leave me in this room and I'm like 'thankfully, I don't start picking my nose or something crazy you know'. You guys are filming me the whole time, secretly, and someone just jumps out. Like while I'm in the middle of a song, from under this table, I literally nearly had a heart attack.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

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