Grab your tissues... It's Christmas Wish with Zelna Stewart and Greg & Lucky

251 days ago

Smiling... something we all take for granted. We don't really realise how important it is or how much it can change a situation until you're in a situation.

Life happens, and sometimes circumstances beyond your control knock you down. 947 wants to help you get back up and level up.

947 Xmas Wish is back, and for 6 incredible days Greg & Lucky will touch the lives of people across Joburg by giving them a boost, a break, and a big reason to smile. After all, one big break is all it takes to make life worth loving.

Listen to the Greg & Lucky Show every afternoon, from 10 to 17 December, to hear heartwarming stories from ordinary people facing all kinds of extraordinary challenges; and to see what we do to make their 2018 end on a high note.

Zelna will be smiling all the way in about two weeks!

Thanks to Greg & Lucky and our sponsor, Dr Vikash Naidoofrom The Smile Zone.

Vikash realized that by cosmetically enhancing a patients smile, it is only one part of the equation in most cases, resulting in him becoming an accredited Dermal filler practitioner, allowing a holistic approach to facial aesthetics.

You can check out the services they provide right here!



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