Here are the some unwritten rules when communicating in the digital age

77 days ago

In the digital age, there are some unwritten rules of engagement.

With different personal preferences, it's hard to find a delicate balance that will get you that follow/unfollow.

Greg & Lucky explored some of these unwritten rules.

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Here are some of them...

  • don't randomly Facetime people, first text them to ask them if they're happy to do so
  • one-word texts using _OK_ and _LOL_ are unacceptable
  • if you haven't replied to a message you're not allowed to be Instagramming
  • don't ask for _likes, comments, or shares_
  • don't post dozens of photos/quotes back-to-back
  • don't post too many selfies
  • if you post something on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and someone responds/comments, you have to reply

What are some of your own personal rules of communication in the digital age?

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